British Rail Class 447

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British Rail Class 447 Battersea Bullet
Class 447 Battersea Bullet.PNG
Artist's impression of Class 447.
Number built3 trainsets (planned)
Formation4 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers447 001 - 447 003
Electric system(s)750 V DC third rail
Current collection methodContact shoe
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

Class 447 was the designation given to the Electric multiple unit trains that would have run the shuttle services (branded the Battersea Bullet) between London Victoria and the entertainment complex planned for the site of the former Battersea Power Station. Three units were planned, each of four cars, and since the trains would have been privately owned by the operator of the entertainment complex, British Rail allocated carriage numbers 99469-99481 (from the private owner carriage series) for the individual vehicles.

In the event, the early 1990s recession spelt the end of the Battersea project. The entertainment complex was never built, nor were the trains, and the former power station continued to stand as an empty shell for the next 25 years. The sale and redevelopment of the power station site in the 2010s has led to the alternative of a two stop extension to the Northern line, which removes the need for dedicated services from Victoria.

A concept drawing can be seen here.