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British Rail Class 755 FLIRT
Innotrans 2018, Berlin (P1070432).jpg
British Rail Class 755 train at InnoTrans 2018 fair in Berlin, Germany
In service29 July 2019 - present
ManufacturerStadler Rail
Built atBussnang, Switzerland
Siedlce, Poland
Family nameFLIRT
Entered service2019
Number under construction38 units
Formation14 x 3 cars
24 x 4 cars
Capacity167 seated (755/3)
229 seated (755/4) [1]
Operator(s)Greater Anglia
Depot(s)Crown Point
Train length3 car - 65.0m
4 car - 80.7m [2]
Car lengthPower pack - 6.69m [2]
WidthCar - 2.72m
Power pack - 2.815m [2]
Height3.95m [2]
Floor height0.96m [2]
Maximum speed100 mph (160 km/h) [2]
Prime mover(s)2 or 4 [3] Deutz V8 (16 litre)[4][1]
Power output3 car - 2,600 kW Electric
3 car - 960 kW Diesel
4 car - 2,600 kW Electric
4 car - 1,920 kW Diesel [2]
Acceleration3 car - 1.3m/s2 (2.9 mph per second) Electric
3 car - 0.7m/s2 (1.6 mph per sec) Diesel
4 car - 1.1m/s2 (2.5 mph per sec) Electric
4 car - 0.9m/s2 (2.0 mph per sec) Diesel[2]
Electric system(s)25 kV AC [2] (OHLE)
Current collection methodPantograph
UIC classificationBo′2′2′2′Bo′ (3 passenger cars)
Bo′2′2′2′2′Bo′ (4 passenger cars)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge [2]

The British Rail Class 755[5] is a class of bi-mode multiple unit (BMU) being built by Stadler Rail for Greater Anglia. They are part of the FLIRT modular train family.[6]


Class 755 unit stored on the Mid-Norfolk Railway prior to entering service.

In August 2016, Greater Anglia was awarded the East Anglia franchise with a commitment to replace all of the existing fleet with modern trains. As part of this an order was placed with Stadler Rail for 38 bi-mode multiple unit Stadler Flirts. The order is composed of 14 three-car and 24 four-car sets and replace the Class 153, 156 and 170 fleets.[7][6][8][9]

The first unit arrived in the UK in November 2018;[10] entry into service was initially planned to begin in mid-May 2019,[11] but during May it was delayed to the end of June or early July.[12] On 30 May 2019, the ORR authorised the 24 Class 755/4,[13] and the first entered service on 29 July.[14]

All are scheduled to enter service in 2019.[15][16] They will be maintained at Crown Point TMD. Faults with the vehicles discovered during their introduction led to staff at Crown Point awarding them the nickname "Basils", after Basil Fawlty.[17]

Accidents and incidents[edit]

On 24 November 2019, a unit of the class was approaching a level crossing at Thorpe End, Norfolk at 45 miles per hour (72 km/h) when the barriers lifted as the train was 220 yards (200 m) from the crossing and cars started crossing in front of the train. Despite emergency braking, the train was unable to stop before the crossing. A collision was avoided by a quarter of a second. The Rail Accident Investigation Branch has opened an investigation into the incident. In response, Greater Anglia has imposed a 20 miles per hour (32 km/h) speed restriction over five level crossings on the Bittern Line.[18][19]

Technical details[edit]

The Class 755 has three or four passenger vehicles, along with a separate power pack vehicle containing two or four[3] Deutz V8 16 litre[4][1] diesel engines and generators. All vehicles are linked by Jacobs bogies, with the end bogies being motored. The unusual layout for a British train allows a lower than normal floor level, this allows step free boarding at standard height platforms. Pantographs are mounted on the intermediate cars. [2]

Fleet details[edit]

Class Operator No. Built Year Built Passenger Cars per Set Unit nos.
755/3 Greater Anglia 14 2018- 3 755325–755338
755/4 24 4 755401–755424
Diagram for the Class 755/3 based on concept art
Diagram for the Class 755/4 based on concept art


Train No. 755407 at Wymondham railway station during testing in February 2019

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