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20-para stamp of the British administration in Crete issued in 1898 and inscribed in Greek

British post offices in Crete provided the postal service in the territory of the island of Crete. Stamps inscribed in Greek were used in the British sphere of administration (Candia) during the Great Powers occupation of the island in 1898–1899.

Postal history[edit]

In 1898 Crete obtained autonomy under Ottoman suzerainty. The Cretan State was under international guarantee and protection; after the departure of the Ottoman garrison, it was garrisoned by an international military force from Britain, France, Italy and Russia.

British post offices were established by the military administration in the area under British control, but they never operated.

Stamp issues[edit]

Britain issued 5 postage stamps inscribed in Greek.[1] The stamps had face values in Turkish piastres and paras (1 piastre = 40 paras).

Mail was forwarded via the Austrian office at Chania and surviving envelopes bear the stamps of both the British and Austrian agencies. It is therefore uncertain if the British stamps had international validity.

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