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Droichead Broome
Iarnród Éireann
Improvement in progress in February 2018 with the LUAS to the right and the Royal Canal on the left
Coordinates53°22′22″N 6°17′58″W / 53.3727°N 6.2995°W / 53.3727; -6.2995Coordinates: 53°22′22″N 6°17′58″W / 53.3727°N 6.2995°W / 53.3727; -6.2995
Owned byIarnród Éireann
Operated byIarnród Éireann
  • 2 (heavy rail)
  • 2 (LUAS)
Structure typeAt-grade
Other information
Station codeBBRDG
Fare zoneSuburban 1
Key dates
2 July 1990Station opens
9 December 2017Luas services commence
Preceding station   Iarnrod Eireann simple logo 2013.png Iarnród Éireann   Following station
Drumcondra   Commuter
Western Commuter
(City Branch)
Docklands   Commuter
Western Commuter
(Docklands Branch)
Luas Luas
Cabra   Green Line   Terminus

Broombridge is a railway station beside a LUAS Tram stop serving Cabra, Dublin 7, Ireland. It lies on the southern bank of the Royal Canal at the western end of what had been Liffey Junction station on the erstwhile Midland Great Western Railway (MGWR). It takes its name from Broome Bridge, which crosses the canal, where William Rowan Hamilton developed the mathematical notion of quaternions. A plaque on the adjacent canal bridge and the naming of the LUAS Maintenance depot on site, Hamilton Depot, commemorates this.[1]


The railway station was opened on 2 July 1990,[2]. Both platforms are step-free accessible, the northern eastbound by a long ramp from the Cabra Road bridge and the southern platform at street level. A pedestrian over bridge with lifts and other station improvements were completed in 2018 to where facilitate transfers to the two LUAS terminus platforms which became operational in December 2017.[3] There are no train ticket purchasing facilities but Leap card validators are in place for train journeys. No toilet facilities are provided despite being an interchange station.[4]


Broombridge is a station on the Western Commuter services. It is the last station approaching Dublin served by both branches of the Western Commuter line, before the line splits between trains heading to Connolly Station and those going to Docklands. As of December 2018 the core off-peak rail service is half-hourly between Dublin Connolly station and Maynooth railway station, supplemented in the peaks by an additional half-hourly service from Docklands to the M3 Parkway with some miscellaneous extensions to other services.[5]


The Luas Broombridge interchange station is the northside Dublin terminus of the Luas Green Line extension and services began in December 2017.[3]. From Broombridge, the tram route takes the old MGWR route to its Broadstone terminus site before continuing to Dublin City Centre. The Broombridge-Hamilton LUAS maintenance depot lies to the south of the line on the final part of the approach to the station.[1]

Bus Connections[edit]

A bus stop is provdided at the forecourt on the southern side of the station convenient to the LUAS platforms. Dublin Bus route 40E which travels through Finglas and terminates at Tyrrellstown in Blanchardstownhas has Broodbridge station as its southern terminus.[6]


The station is unmanned and had been subject to significant and sustained vandalism, enough for Iarnród Éireann to be concerned and questions asked about it in the Dáil.[7][8] The lack of shelter for passengers or seating facilities was similarly questioned,[9]. In 2012, additional security measures were added along with seating and decoration in advance of the station's redesign as part of the Luas Cross City project. Leap card validators, previously not provided due to vandalism concerns, have been installed.[citation needed]


Reilly's Bridge[edit]

In 1847 when the railway was opened the MGWR briefly established a station at Reilly's Bridge just over 0.5 km to the west but closed it before the end of the year.[10]:13,118


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