Brunei National Roads System

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Brunei National Roads System
(Sistem Jalan Kebangsaan Brunei)
(سيستم جالن كبڠسأن بروني)
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Symbol of the Brunei Highways
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Maintained by Public Works Department
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Brunei National Roads System

Brunei National Roads System (Malay; Sistem Jalan Kebangsaan Brunei: Jawi; سيستم جالن كبڠسأن بروني) is the main national road network in Brunei. It was built and maintained by the Public Works Department.

Major highways in Brunei are built under dual carriageway standards, while other roads are built as single carriageways. Road signs are coloured green with white text (white with black text for denoting nearby locations).


Speed limits[edit]

The maximum speed limit for dual carriageways in Brunei is generally 100 km/h. Meanwhile, the maximum speed limit for single-carriageway roads is 80 km/h. Lower speed limits may apply in urban areas.

List of roads and highways[edit]


Notable roads[edit]