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Bulldozer Monster Truck.jpg
Owner and driver information
OwnerFELD Motorsports
Driver(s)Chuck Werner, Alex Blackwell, Guy Wood, Kirk Dabney, Eldon DePew, Rob Knell, Steve Reynolds, & Bobby Z.
Home cityBlackwell, Missouri
Truck information
Year created1997
Body style2004 Custom Bull
ChassisWillman-style frame
Engine540 cubic inch Merlin big block
TransmissionCoan 2-speed
TiresS.I.R. racing slicks

Bulldozer was a monster truck that raced in the USHRA Monster Jam series. It featured one of the first 3-D body shells, with horns sticking out of the roof. In this respect, it resembled El Toro Loco. The truck debuted as a promotional truck for Smoke Craft jerky in the USA Motorsports series in 1997 (USA Motorsports owned the rights to the truck), and several different entertainment companies received the rights when they bought out USA Motorsports in 1999, including SFX, PACE Motorsports, Clear Channel, Live Nation, and lastly FELD Motorsports. The truck has been driven previously by Bobby Zoelner, Steve Reynolds, Rob Knell, former Taurus driver Eldon DePew, and current Maximum Destruction superstar Tom Meents, as well as Chuck Werner and Alex Blackwell. Bulldozer sometimes switched bodies with Hot Wheels, Bob & Tom, or High Roller.

Originally the owner & driver of the Bulldozer monster truck was Guy Wood, who had been racing monster trucks for 15 years. Guy got his start in the sport of monster truck racing at a race track near to his home at the time. As demand for his presence increased, so did his interest in the sport until he was racing the truck full-time. Eventually, Guy gave the rights to Bulldozer to USA Motorsports.

World Finals Appearances[edit]

Bulldozer has appeared in four Monster Jam World Finals. In 2001, the truck was driven by Eldon DePew. In 2000, 2002, and 2004, the truck was driven by Guy Wood.

Truck's Ending[edit]

The truck performed its last show in Englishtown, New Jersey at Old Bridge Township RACEWAY PARK on September 19, 2009. After that show, the truck was converted into El Toro Loco, with the same driver as before, Chuck Werner.

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