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CBA Kereskedelmi Kft.
HeadquartersAlsónémedi, Hungary
Key people
Founder and president: László Baldauf, CEO: Dr. Zsolt Jasku
ProductsGrocery, general merchandise
Number of employees
Countries with CBA stores
A CBA Príma store in the city of Budapest
Figrad CBA store in the town center of Crvenka, Serbia

CBA is a Hungarian supermarket chain with almost 5,200 stores. It operates in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.[1]

There are 134 stores in Bulgaria as of February 2018.

Most CBA stores have grillbars, bakeries, butcher's and wine shops. A discount store is also available as CBA Cent. CBA also has a hypermarket, Príma.


In 1992, CBA was formed of 17 grocery stores from 10 private owners. CBA stores were only opened in Budapest firstly, stores over the country were only opened years later. In 1998, 80% of stores outside Budapest are CBA stores. Because of hard delivering, CBA opened regional headquarters. In 2005, CBA opened its first logistic center in Alsónémedi. From this year, CBA became a franchise system.

Kasszás Erzsi and Icuka[edit]

During 2017, CBA released a commercial in Hungary featuring Kasszás Erzsi (Cashier Erzsi) (played by Andrea Balázs), a woman who works as a cashier. In the commercial, Erzsi is singing about working in CBA. Since then, CBA featured Erzsi in every commercial until 2018. Erzsi became so famous, CBA even made a "tour" with her around the country. Fans could meet Erzsi in selected CBA stores. In 2018 Erzsi said goodbye and Icuka came, a shop manager (Szilvia Bach) and she sings in rap.


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