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CGC Overseas Construction Group
State-owned enterprise
PredecessorCGC Nigeria
  • 1983 (CGC Nigeria)
  • 2002 (CGCOC)
ParentSASAC of the State Council (ultimate) Edit this on Wikidata

CGCOC Group Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 中地海外集团) formerly known as CGC Overseas Construction Group Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 中地海外建设集团) is a Chinese construction company that ranks among the 100 largest contractors based on international projects according to the annual Engineering News Record ranking.[1]


The predecessor of CGCOC Group was founded by the Ministry of Geology & Mineral Resources [zh] in 1983 as CGC Nigeria Ltd.. In 2002 other investors were introduced in the incorporation of CGC Overseas Construction Group Co., Ltd., which CGC Nigeria became part of the business group.[2]


CGCOC Group was founded by Sinopec Star Petroleum [zh] (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinopec Group), China Geo-Engineering Corporation (CGC), and other shareholders in 2002.[2] As at 31 December 2015, Sinopec Star Petroleum owned 40.7% stake, China Geo-Engineering Corporation owned 13.333% stake, Shanxi Bureau of Geology Exploration (Chinese: 山西省地质勘查局) owned 4.375% stake, 13th Construction Co., Ltd. of China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. owned 1.04% stake, as well as many natural person.[3]

Construction projects[edit]

The company carries out projects across Africa and in other markets. In Cameroon, the company signed a deal in December 2007 to increase water production and distribution in Douala from 115,00 to 260,000 cubic meters in a year by constructing pipe networks, wells and a potable water treatment plant.[4]

One of the company's substantial businesses in Africa is road building in Ethiopia.[5] In the period from 2005-2006, the company was awarded about $276 million in Ethiopian road projects.[5] These projects included the Dodola Junction-Goba and Dera-Gololcha Mechara roads located in Oromia.[5]


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