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Exoplanet Comparison CoRoT-5 b.png
Size comparison of COROT-5b with Jupiter.
Discovered byCOROT mission
Discovery siteEarth orbit
Discovery date2008
Transit method
Orbital characteristics
0.0495 AU (7,410,000 km)
4.03789[1] d
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
1.388[1] RJ
Mass0.467[1] MJ
Mean density
0.217 kg/m3 (0.366 lb/cu yd)[1]

COROT-5b (previously named COROT-Exo-5b)[2] is an extrasolar planet orbiting the F type star COROT-5. It was first reported by the COROT mission team in 2008 using a transit method.[3] This planet has been confirmed by a Doppler follow-up study.[4]

Properties and location[edit]

This planetary object is reported to be about half the mass but slightly larger than the planet Jupiter[5] at 0.467(+0.047, -0.024) M_Jup.[1]

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