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Café Europe, Café d'Europe or also Café Europa was a cultural initiative of the Austrian presidency of the European Union, held on Europe Day (9 May 2006) in 27 cafés of the capitals of the then 25 EU member states and the two countries which would join the Union in 2007. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is well known for its long and vibrant café culture, dating back from the first introduction of coffee to Europe as a result of the wars with the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Sweet Europe[edit]

The initiative also included a presentation, called Sweet Europe, of typical sweets and cakes of every member state.[1]

 Austria Gugelhupf
 Belgium Waffles
 Bulgaria Sweet rice with milk (мляко с ориз)
 Cyprus Baclava (μπακλαβάς)
 Czech Republic Koláč
 Denmark Danish pastry (Wienerbrød)
 Estonia Oatmeal cookies (Kaerahelbeküpsised)
 Finland Laskiaispulla (Semla)
 France Madeleines
 Germany Streuselkuchen
 Greece Vasilopita (Βασιλόπιτα)
 Hungary Dobos Torta
 Ireland Scones
 Italy Tiramisù
 Latvia Rupjmaizes kārtojums (Rye Trifle)
 Lithuania Šakotis
 Luxembourg Apfeltorte
 Malta Imqaret
 Netherlands Tompouce
 Poland Mazurek kajmakowy
 Portugal Pastel de nata
 Romania Cozonac
 Slovakia Walnut strudel (orechovy zavin)
 Slovenia Prekmurska gibanica
 Spain Tarta de Santiago
 Sweden Kanelbulle
 United Kingdom Shortbread

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