Calypso Heat Wave

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Calypso Heat Wave
Calypson heat wave.jpg
Original Calypso Heat Wave Poster
Directed byFred F. Sears
Produced bySam Katzman
Written byDavid Chandler
StarringJohnny Desmond
Merry Anders
Meg Myles
CinematographyBenjamin H. Kline
Edited byEdwin H. Bryant
Anthony DiMarco
Release date
August 1957
Running time
86 minutes

Calypso Heat Wave is a 1957 American film starring Merry Anders, Meg Myles and, as herself, Maya Angelou.[1]

It was an attempt by producer Sam Katzman to repeat the success of Rock Around the Clock with calypso music.[2] It was originally known as Juke Box Jamboree.[3]


Everything's going well at Disco Records, where singer Johnny Conroy is popular and publicity chief Marty Collins is good at her job, as well as in love with company boss Mack Adams.

Everything changes when Barney Pearl shows up. Pearl is a crude businessman who supplies records to jukeboxes coast-to-coast. He demands to be made a full partner in Disco Records or he will yank their discs out of jukes everywhere. Furthermore, he insists that singer girlfriend Mona De Luce gets to make a record of her own.

Implored not to agree, Mack goes along. Pearl keeps the pressure on, renaming the company after himself. Johnny quits and leaves on his sailboat for points unknown. Mona, meanwhile, is a much better singer than expected. Her record is a smash hit, annoying Barney, who wants her wholly dependent on him. Barney demands her career come to an end.

Marty, Mack and Mona all travel to the West Indies, where Johnny is now enjoying the sun, fun and music. Johnny suggests they begin recording calypso songs. It all works out perfectly, and when Pearl tries to cut himself in, they find a way to keep him out.



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