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September 2013 issue of Candour

Candour is a British far right-wing magazine founded and edited by A. K. Chesterton until his death in 1973.

History and profile[edit]

Candour was founded in 1953 as the successor to Truth newspaper of which he had been deputy editor. Truth had been acquired by the Staples Press, who insisted on a new editorial policy and as a result Chesterton resigned.

Chesterton issued a statement "Truth has been murdered" and asked his readers for backing for a new journal in the style of the old Truth.

The initial response was not enthusiastic and the idea might have been still-born had it not been for funds received from R. K. Jeffery, a Chile-based British millionaire. Further backing then followed and Candour was born, with the first issue appearing on 30 October 1953.

Candour was intended to "serve as a link between Britons all over the world in protest against the surrender of their world heritage."[attribution needed]

After Chesterton's death, Candour was edited by Rosine de Bounevialle until her own death in 1999.

It continues to be published irregularly, with the latest issue printed in August 2018.[1]


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