Caoyuan zhi ge

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Caoyuan zhi ge (《草原之歌》, "Song of the Steppes", "Song of the Grassland") is a 1955 Chinese-language western-style opera with music composed by Luo Zongxian (罗宗贤 b. 1925).[1][2]


  1. ^ A Critical History of New Music in China - Page 345 C. C. Liu - 2010 "The success of Baimaonü [The white-haired girl] gave great encouragement to opera composers and writers, and new ... Caoyuan zhi ge [Song of the steppes] by Luo Jiaxian, Zhuo Mingli and Jin Zhengping;
  2. ^ Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture - Page 307 Edward L. Davis - 2012 "In contrasts to Xiqu (sungdrama) which groups indigenous musical dramatic traditions like Peking opera, Geju is seen as ... Examples of Geju include The Song of the Grassland (Caoyuan zhi ge, 1955) by Luo Zongxian, and The Hundredth Bride (Di yibai ge xinniang, 1980) by Wang Shiguang and Cai Kexiang. Recently China's Third Generation composers (see ....")