Capture of Cannanore

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Capture of Cannanore
Part of the Third Anglo-Mysore War
Date17 December 1790
Result British victory
British East India Company
 Great Britain

Sultanate of Mysore

Arakkal Kingdom of Cannanore
Commanders and leaders
Robert Abercromby

The Capture of Cannanore during the Third Anglo-Mysore War took place on 17 December 1790. Forces of the British East India Company, led by General Robert Abercromby, began besieging Cannanore (now known as Kannur), held by troops of Mysore and of the Sultan Ali Raja of Cannanore on 14 December. After gaining control of the high ground commanding the city's main fort, the defenders surrendered. The British victory, along with the taking of Calicut by a separate force a few days earlier, secured their control over the Malabar Coast.

Order of battle[edit]

British forces[1]
Mysorean forces


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