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► This category is for articles that describe direct or indirect fatal aggression and mortal attack by animal or humans (or group of humans) on other humans : Aggression mortal, Armed conflicts, Assail, Assassinate, Assault, Banzai charge, Battle, Bioterrorism, Car bombing, Fatal cyberattack, Fatal persecution, Genocide, Homicide, Invasion, Kamikaze, Kill, Lynching, Massacre, Mass murders, Mass shootings, Military operation, Military offensive, Murder, Rampage killing, School massacre, School shooting, Serial Killer, stabbing attack, Shoot, Spree killer, Strike, Suicide attack, Suicide bombing, Suicide mission, Terrorist act, Terrorist attacks, Warfare charge, etc.

► The possible weapon used is for example : axe, bomb, bow, civil vehicle or combat vehicle, crossbow, flamethrower, grenade launcher, hand grenade, handgun, knife, machete, Molotov cocktail, poison, poisonous gas, rifle, rod, slingshot, spear, stone, sword, or various firearms, etc...

Note : A speedy and violent physical attack is a shock tactics which attempts to place the enemy (or a group of enemies) under psychological pressure. If this rapid attack is not fatal, it causes : fear, panic and hasty retreat to more peaceful places; The result for attacker(s) is an possible occupancy without battle, in the next attack.

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