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This administrative category is intended to collect all the redirects from alternative spellings related to J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium. It is by no means complete, though if a way is found to keep it up-to-date, please note this here. Please do not delete these redirects, as some of them contain important edit history for text located elsewhere, and some have associated talk pages with redirect and deletion discussions.

Redirects only from permittable conventions of spelling (e.g. Niënna, Glóreðel) fall into this category. Misspellings (Eiliniel, Illuvatar) should go to parent Category:Middle-earth redirects, and cases with missing diacritics to sub Category:Middle-earth redirects from titles without diacritics. Cases when either J. R. R. or Christopher Tolkien used a spelling that was later discarded or was erratic should rather go to Category:Middle-earth redirects from former names.

To list a redirect into this category, use Template:R ME from alternative spelling; see also Template:R ME without diacritics.


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