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Central District in Taichung City
Central District in Taichung City
Coordinates: 24°08′29″N 120°40′50″E / 24.1415°N 120.6805°E / 24.1415; 120.6805Coordinates: 24°08′29″N 120°40′50″E / 24.1415°N 120.6805°E / 24.1415; 120.6805
 • Mayor黃至民
 • Total0.880 km2 (0.340 sq mi)
 (April 2018)
 • Total18,568 [1]
 • Rank27 out of 29[2]
Postal code

Central District (Chinese: 中區; pinyin: Zhōng Qū) is an urban district in Taichung City, Taiwan. It is located at the heart of the city, though it has seen decline in recent years as newer districts nearby like Xitun has seen growth. It is the smallest township-level subdivision in Taiwan and the only one with an area under 1 km².[3]


Taichung City was first settled in this district. Since the area used to be a swamp, they settled near a small hill known as Dadun (大墩). By the Qing Dynasty this area developed as a prosperous town.[4]

The area saw mass development in the Japanese era under the supervision of Goto Shinpei. Under the plan created by W. K. Burton and Hamano Yashiro, a grid plan was adopted. The Taichung Train Station was built during this time.

Under the Republic of China, several Japanese districts, which included Tachibana-cho, Midori-cho, Sakae-cho, Taisho-cho, Takara-cho, Nishiki-cho, Shintomi-cho, Yanagi-cho, Hatsune-cho, and Wakamatsu-cho were combined to form Central District.

Central District used to be the heart of all business and commerce in Taichung. However, since the district was planned in the Japanese era, the roads are too tight to accommodate for modern growth. Therefore, the area has seen decline as newer districts like Xitun to the west grew rapidly. In 2010, the Taichung City Hall moved from Central District to Xitun District. There has been recent efforts to renew the city, with local businesses utilizing the historical buildings in the city to create unique shops and restaurants.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Central District office
English Name Chinese Name
Dacheng Village 大誠里
Luchuan Village 綠川里
Jiguang Village 繼光里
Gongyuan Village 公園里
Guangfu Village 光復里
Dadun Village 大墩里
Liuchuan Village 柳川里
Zhonghua Village 中華里

Tourist attractions[edit]

Old Taichung Train Station
Taichung Park
  • Old Taichung Train Station: A national historic site, this red brick Japanese-era train station was built with a Western style architecture.
  • Taichung Park: A large Japanese-era park featuring many historical sites and the Taichung Park Pavilion, the city's most iconic structure.
  • First Plaza: a large shopping center with many Southeast Asian shops.


Central District is served by the TRA Taichung Station by rail and Provincial Highway 12 by road.

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