Central banks and currencies of Europe

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This is a list of central banks and currencies of Europe .

Country Currency Central Bank Pegged with
 Austria Euro Oesterreichische Nationalbank float
 Belgium National Bank of Belgium
 Cyprus Central Bank of Cyprus
 Estonia Bank of Estonia
 Finland Bank of Finland
 France Bank of France
 Germany Deutsche Bundesbank
 Greece Bank of Greece
 Ireland Central Bank of Ireland
 Italy Bank of Italy
 Latvia Bank of Latvia
 Lithuania Bank of Lithuania
 Luxembourg Central Bank of Luxembourg
 Malta Central Bank of Malta
 Montenegro Central Bank of Montenegro
 Netherlands De Nederlandsche Bank
 Portugal Banco de Portugal
 Slovakia National Bank of Slovakia
 Slovenia Bank of Slovenia
 Spain Bank of Spain

Non-Eurozone currencies[edit]

 Albania Albanian lek Bank of Albania
 Belarus New Belarusian ruble National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 EUR = 1.95583 BAM
 Bulgaria Bulgarian lev Bulgarian National Bank 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN
 Croatia Croatian kuna Croatian National Bank
 Czech Republic Czech koruna Czech National Bank
 Denmark Danish krone Danmarks Nationalbank 1 EUR = 7.46038 DDK (ERM II)
 Faroe Islands Faroese króna Danmarks Nationalbank DKK at par
 Hungary Hungarian forint Hungarian National Bank
 Liechtenstein Swiss franc Liechtensteinische Landesbank
 Poland Polish złoty National Bank of Poland
 Russia Russian rouble Bank of Russia
 Romania Romanian leu National Bank of Romania
 Serbia Serbian dinar National Bank of Serbia
  Switzerland Swiss franc Swiss National Bank float
 Sweden Swedish krona Sveriges Riksbank
 Norway Norwegian krone Norges Bank
 Macedonia Macedonian denar National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
 Moldova Moldovan leu National Bank of Moldova
 United Kingdom Pound sterling Bank of England float
 Ukraine Ukrainian hryvnia National Bank of Ukraine
 Iceland Icelandic króna Central Bank of Iceland
 Turkey Turkish lira Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

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