Cessna DC-6

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Model DC-6
Cessna DC-6A.jpg
The DC-6A
Role Four-seat tourer
Manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company
Designer Clyde Cessna
First flight 1929
Primary user United States Army Air Corps
Unit cost
Developed from Cessna CW-6

The Cessna Model DC-6 was a 1920s American high-wing four-seat tourer built by the Cessna Aircraft Company. It was used by the United States Army Air Corps as the UC-77/UC-77A.

Design and development[edit]

The DC-6 was a scaled-down four-seat version of the six-seat CW-6. It was rolled out in February 1929 and went into production in two versions, the DC-6A and DC-6B. Both versions were type certificated on October 29, 1929[1]. The Wall Street crash that day and subsequent depression reduced demand for the aircraft and only about 20 of each model were produced.

Operational history[edit]

In addition to use as private touring aircraft, DC-6As and DC-6Bs saw use as newspaper delivery aircraft and were impressed as liaison aircraft with the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) in 1942.


The DC-6B
The original aircraft, powered by a 170 hp (130 kW) Curtiss Challenger, developed as a scaled-down Cessna CW-6.
Model DC-6A Chief
Fitted with a 300 hp (220 kW) Wright R-975 (J-6-9) Whirlwind engine; 20 built.
Model DC-6B Scout
Fitted with a 225 hp (168 kW) Wright J-6-7 (R-760) engine; 24 built.
Military designation of four DC-6As impressed into service by the USAAF.
Military designation of four DC-6Bs impressed into service by the USAAF.
  • Note that the designations UC-77B, UC-77C and UC-77D were not DC-6s, they were used for other Cessna models.


 United States

Specifications (DC-6A Chief)[edit]

Data from Aerofiles Cessna[2]

General characteristics

  • Crew: one-two
  • Capacity: four-five passengers, total six seats
  • Length: 28 ft 2 in (8.59 m)
  • Wingspan: 48 ft 0 in (14.63 m)
  • Height: 7 ft 8 in (2.34 m)
  • Wing area: 268 sq ft (24.9 m2)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Wright J-6-9 9-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 300 hp (220 kW)


  • Maximum speed: 155 mph (249 km/h; 135 kn)
  • Cruise speed: 130 mph (209 km/h; 113 kn)
  • Stall speed: 54 mph (87 km/h; 47 kn)
  • Range: 600 mi (521 nmi; 966 km)


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