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Chad Everett Myers is an American Meteorologist and the severe weather expert for CNN. Myers earned a bachelor's degree in meteorology from the University of Nebraska.[1]

Myers, a native of Buffalo, New York, joined CNN in October 1999, moving up from working as the Morning weather analyzer at WXYZ-TV in Detroit. He has received Peabody Awards for contributing to the Gulf War coverage, and for scientific explanations of the BP oil spill and its subsequent capping in the Gulf of Mexico. He also covered the 2011 Japan tsunami and the nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors.

He was spoofed on Late Night with David Letterman after climbing into a mock-up of the Chilean miners' rescue capsule. The producers of the show shot him into the sun after showing him climbing into the mock-up.

In 2005 Chad had an on-air argument with anchor Carol Costello, when she kept interrupting him during a broadcast. He yelled "Let me talk, Carol!" after she kept calling him by name, trying to understand his weather report.[2]

In 2010 Myers claimed in an on-air interview that climatologists were only reporting the climate is changing because their jobs were at stake and [3]"they worked for the government".

In August 2016, Bill Nye criticized CNN for having a "climate change denier meteorologist";[4][5] however, Myers wrote that subsequent to 2013's crossing of 400 ppm carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, he was no longer a skeptic, and had changed his views on the science behind climate change.[6]

"I concluded that my original theory of 'it could be something else' wasn't likely the case."[7]

Myers was the subject of a segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO's popular satirical news show, entitled "CNN Weatherman Chad Myers Hates His Job, His Life, and Everyone Around Him." The episode aired on February 22, 2015.


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