Chairman of the European Union Military Committee

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Chairman of the European Union Military Committee
Coat of arms of Europe.svg
CEUMC coat of arms
Coat of arms of the European Union Military Committee.svg
EUMC coat of arms
Claudio Graziano.JPG
General Claudio Graziano

since 6 November 2018
European Union Military Committee
Reports toHigh Representative
SeatKortenberg building, Brussels, Belgium
Term length3 years
Inaugural holderGeneral Gustav Hägglund
FormationDecember 2000

The Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (CEUMC) is the four-star rank officer representing and presiding over the European Union's (EU) Military Committee (EUMC), composed of the chiefs of defence of the EU member states. The chairman is selected by the national chiefs of defence and appointed by the Council of the European Union for a three year term.


The chairman has the following tasks:[1]

The CSDP command structure involving the High Representative, the Military Staff and Military Committee as of 1 November 2017:[2] Colour key:
     High Representative (a Vice-President of the Commission)
     Coat of arms of the European Union Military Committee.svg Military Committee (a Council body)
     Coat of arms of the European Union Military Staff.svg Military Staff (a Directorate-General of the External Action Service)

High Representative
Coat of arms of Europe.svg
Military Committee
Golden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svg
Working Group
Golden star.svg
Emblem of the European Union Military Committee Working Group - Headline Goal Task Force.svg
Working Group/Headline Goal Task Force
Military Staff
Director General
Golden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svg
Legal advisor
Deputy Director General
Golden star.svgGolden star.svg
Horizontal Coordination
Assistant Chief of Staff for SynchronisationEU cell at SHAPE
EU Liaison at the UN in NYAssistant Chief of Staff for External Relations
NATO Permanent Liaison Team
Concepts & Capabilities
Golden star.svg
Golden star.svg
Golden star.svg
Golden star.svg
Communications & Information Systems
Golden star.svg
Military Planning and
Conduct Capability

Chief of Staff
Golden star.svg
Working Group
Current Operations

List of holders[edit]

Chairman Took office Left office Time in office Defence branch Nationality Ref
Gustav Hägglund
Hägglund, GustavGeneral
Gustav Hägglund
(born 1938)
3 June 20019 April 20042 years, 311 daysFinnish Army seal Finnish Army Finland
Rolando Mosca Moschini
Moschini, Rolando MoscaGeneral
Rolando Mosca Moschini
(born 1939)
9 April 20046 November 20062 years, 211 daysCoat of arms of the Esercito Italiano.svg
Henri Bentégeat
Bentégeat, HenriGeneral
Henri Bentégeat
(born 1946)
6 November 20066 November 20093 years, 0 daysLogo of the French Army (Armee de Terre).svg
Håkan Syrén
Syrén, HåkanGeneral
Håkan Syrén
(born 1952)
6 November 20096 November 20123 years, 0 daysAmfibiekåren vapen.svg
(Amphibious Corps)
Patrick de Rousiers
de Rousiers, PatrickGeneral
Patrick de Rousiers
(born 1955)
6 November 20126 November 20153 years, 0 daysLogo of the French Air Force (Armee de l'Air).svg
Air Force
Michail Kostarakos
Kostarakos, MichailGeneral
Michail Kostarakos
(born 1956)
6 November 20156 November 20183 years, 0 daysHellenicArmySeal.svg
Claudio Graziano
Graziano, ClaudioGeneral
Claudio Graziano
(born 1953)
6 November 2018Incumbent225 daysCoat of arms of the Esercito Italiano.svg

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