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Regions with significant populations
Chokri, Khezha, Sumi, and Poula
Related ethnic groups
Other Naga tribes

The Chakhesangs are a major Naga ethnic group found in the state of Nagaland, India.

Chakhesangs are the former Eastern Angamis, now recognized as a separate tribe.[citation needed] The tribe is divided into two groups known as Chokri and Khezha. The name "Chakhesang" was created as an acronym from the names of three tribes: the Chokri, Khezha and Sangtam (now Pochury).[1]

Most of the villages of this tribe fall within Phek district of Nagaland,[2] though two Chakhesang villages(Jessami and Soraphung/Krowemi) are in Ukhrul district, Manipur.[citation needed]

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