Changzhou Senior High School

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Changzhou Senior High School
8 Luohan Road

Typehigh school
Motto存诚 能贱
(Honesty and Modesty)
PrincipalShi Pinnan
AffiliationChangzhou Foreign Languages School

Changzhou Senior High School (Chinese: 江苏省常州高级中学) was founded on November 15, 1907.[1] It is located in the downtown of Changzhou, which is a city with 2500 years of history. It is adjacent to the picturesque local attractions Hongmei Park and Tianning Temple. In a 2016 ranking of Chinese high schools that send students to study in American universities, Changzhou Senior High School ranked number 49 in mainland China in terms of the number of students entering top American universities. [2] [3]


The predecessor of Changzhou Senior High School was Changzhou Institution (常州府学) founded in 756. It was transformed to Changzhou Secondary School (常州府中学堂) in 1907. The school had endured the wars and the disorder of the society during the first few decades in the 20th century. With several changes in the school names and systems, the school has evolved to Changzhou Senior High School as it is now. More than 400 thousands students graduated over more than 100 years since founded. Amongst them many have become celebrities and influenced tremendously in various fields in the nation.

School motto[edit]

存诚 能贱 (Honesty and Modesty)

Notable alumni[edit]

Political leaders[edit]


  • Liu Bannong (1891–1934), famous modern poet, a prominent figure in the New Culture Movement.
  • Liu Tianhua (1895–1932): musician. Jiangsu Jiangyin people, 1909-1911 study in the school. 1915-1922 taught in school. A former Peking University, Professor at such schools.
  • Ch'ien Mu (1895–1990): a Chinese historian, educator, philosopher and Confucian considered one of the greatest historians and philosophers in 20th-century China.
  • Ling Chun-sheng (1902–1981), the national scientists, Academia Sinica. Jiangsu Wu Jin people. School graduation in 1919. Served as the first Director in Ethnic Studies at the Academia Sinica.
  • Lu Shuxiang (1904–1998): linguist. Jiangsu Danyang City people. School graduation in 1922. A former researcher at the Institute, Chinese Academy of Languages, the Director. His major works include "Chinese grammar slightly" and so on.
  • Zhou Youguang (1906–2017): spoken and written language scientist. Jiangsu Province Changzhou people. Graduated in 1923.
  • Tao Jinchao (1908–1992): jurist. Jiangsu Liyang people. School graduation in 1926. Served as the legal system of the Fifth National People's Congress Standing Committee and deputy director.
  • Tao Lu Jia (1917 -): high-ranking Communist Party. Jiangsu Liyang people. The thirties in the school reading. Served as first secretary of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee.
  • Yun Zhiwei (1982 -): Professor of Mathematics at MIT specializing in number theory, algebraic geometry and representation theory. Have won SASTRA Ramanujan Prize in 2012.


  • Pan Shu (1897–1988): Chinese Academy of Sciences. Psychologists. Jiangsu Yixing people. Graduate school in 1917. Former Nanjing principal, director of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Psychology.
  • Wu Rukang (1916 -): Chinese Academy of Sciences. Anthropologist. Jiangsu Province Changzhou people. Graduate school in 1935. Of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute, Deputy Director.
  • Chen Taiyi (1921 -): Chinese Academy of Engineering. Communications systems engineering experts. Jiangsu Yixing people. 1933-1934 school years in the school. A former People's Liberation Army Nanjing Institute of Communications Engineering Vice-President.
  • Hou Yunde (1929 -): Chinese Academy of Engineering. Virologist. Jiangsu Province Changzhou people. Graduate school in 1948. China Preventive Medicine research scientist.


Notable Teachers[edit]

  • Lu Simian (1884–1957): a prominent Chinese historian.

Past Principals[edit]


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