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Sesame candy

Changzhou sesame candy[1] is a kind of special traditional cookie which is very popular among people in local places in Changzhou. Dating back to Tang dynasty, local people in Changzhou started to produce a kind of candies shaped like a kind of food called deep-fried sesame seed balls. That's why they also called the sesame candy as the sesame-seed-ball candy. Through a lot of procedure, the sesame candy came up. During that time, the emperor did not have a good appetite and did not feel like eating anything. But once he ate the sesame candy, he felt like having found what he likes most.[2]

There is an old story of Changzhou sesame candy in history. During song dynasty, the king was a coward and felt afraid of fighting back when other countries invaded. The nation was about to be killed. At that time, many people made and sent the sesame candy to the king to remind him of the lost land. That behavior touched the king and he finally fought back and saved the whole country. Changzhou sesame candy got his name since Tang dynasty and usually used for sacrificial rituals.[3]

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