Cheddington to Aylesbury Line

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Cheddington to Aylesbury Line
Aylesbury High Street
Marston Gate
West Coast Main Line
Aylesbury train at Cheddington on the Last Day
Last day of Cheddington branch

The Cheddington to Aylesbury Line, sometimes referred as the Aylesbury Railway was a railway line between the village of Cheddington and the major town of Aylesbury. The line had one intermediate station at Marston Gate and four level crossings – one at Park Street, one at Broughton and one at Marston Gate. The line formed a junction with the LNWR mainline at Cheddington. The terminus at Aylesbury was in the High Street and made no connection to the other railways in Aylesbury. The line was completed in 1839.


The Aylesbury Railway was independent, but was operated by the London and Birmingham Railway, (later the London and North Western Railway (LNWR)). A few years later it was absorbed fully into the LNWR, and the line is regarded as the world's first branch railway line.


Until the late 19th century, the line was heavily used for the transportation of the famous Aylesbury duck from Aylesbury to London markets.


The line closed to passengers in 1953 and fully closed in 1963.


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