Chesu language

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Native toChina
Native speakers
3,300 (2007)
Language codes
ISO 639-3ych

Chesu 车苏 is a Loloish language spoken in southern Shuangbai County, northern Xinping County, and Eshan County in Yunnan, China.

The Chesu refer to themselves as tsusu˧ pa˨˩[2] or tɕi˨˩su˥ pʰo˨˩ (Jishupo 吉输颇).[3] Yunnan (1955) reports that Chesu is spoken mostly in Taihe Township 太和乡, with a population of over 360 as of 1955.[2] Ethnologue reports 3,300 Chesu speakers out of an ethnic population of 6,600 people, as of 2007.

Bradley (2007) reports that Chesu is closely related to Nasu and classifies it as a Nasoid language. Chesu speakers consider themselves to be a separate ethnic group from the surrounding Nisu speakers. The Chesu language is currently being replaced by Nisu and Chinese.[4] Chesu is also used as a second language by Hlersu speakers (Ethnologue).


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