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Member of Muisca religion
Other namesChibrafruime
RegionAltiplano Cundiboyacense
Ethnic groupMuisca
Greek equivalentAthena
Roman equivalentMars

Chibafruime, also spelled as Chibrafruime, was a minor deity in the religion of the Muisca.[1] It was the god of war.[2][3] Mythological tales about Chibafruime have been noted in Bojacá, Bosa, Guatavita, Turmequé and Cajicá.[4][5][6][7][8][9]

Little is known about Chibafruime and his appearance, which may have been in the shape of a jaguar. The Muisca were more traders than warriors.[10] Their negotiation skills were admired by the conquistadors who made first contact with the Muisca.[11]

Scholar Lucas Fernández de Piedrahita has provided the little information about Chibafruime.


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