Chief of Staff of the People's National Army

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Chief of Staff of the People's National Army
French: Chef d'État-Major de l'Armée nationale populaire
Ahmed gaid salah 2006.jpg
Ahmed Gaïd Salah

since 2004
Ministry of Defence
Reports toMinister Delegate to the Minister of National Defence
First holderTahar Zbiri

The Chief of Staff of the People's National Army is the highest position in the Algerian People's National Armed Forces (the armed forces of Algeria as a whole, rather than the army solely). It was left empty for many years after Chief of Staff Tahar Zbiri attempted a coup against President Houari Boumedienne.

Chiefs of Staff[edit]

Chief of Staff Took office Left office Time in office
Tahar Zbiri [fr]
Zbiri, TaharTahar Zbiri [fr]
(born 1929)
1963December 19673–4 years
Mostefa Belloucif
Belloucif, MostefaMostefa Belloucif198419861–2 years
Abdellah Belhouchet
Belhouchet, AbdellahAbdellah Belhouchet1986October 19881–2 years
Khaled Nezzar
Nezzar, KhaledKhaled Nezzar
(born 1937)
October 198810 July 19901 year, 9 months
Abdelmalek Guenaizia [fr]
Guenaizia, AbdelmalekAbdelmalek Guenaizia [fr]
(born 1936)
199019932–3 years
Mohamed Lamari
Lamari, MohamedMohamed Lamari
19933 August 200410–11 years
Ahmed Gaïd Salah
Salah, AhmedAhmed Gaïd Salah
(born 1940)
3 August 2004Incumbent14 years, 307 days


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