Chimmony Dam

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Chimmini Dam
Chimmini dam front view.jpg
Front view of Chimmini Dam
Chimmony Dam is located in India
Chimmony Dam
Location of Chimmini Dam in India
Chimmony Dam is located in Kerala
Chimmony Dam
Chimmony Dam (Kerala)
Chimmony Dam is located in Tamil Nadu
Chimmony Dam
Chimmony Dam (Tamil Nadu)
Official nameChimmini Dam
LocationThrissur District, Kerala
Coordinates10°26′21″N 76°27′37″E / 10.4391°N 76.4604°E / 10.4391; 76.4604Coordinates: 10°26′21″N 76°27′37″E / 10.4391°N 76.4604°E / 10.4391; 76.4604
Opening date1996
Operator(s)Government of Kerala
CreatesChimmini River

Chimmini Dam is situated in Echippara in Chalakudy taluk of Thrissur District of Kerala state of India. The dam was completed in 1996. It is constructed across Kurumali river, a tributary of Karuvannur river.[1]Chimmony is the largest dam of Thrissur district


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