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China Galaxy Securities
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China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 中国银河证券股份有限公司) is a Chinese brokerage and investment bank.

It raised US$1.1 billion on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in its debut in May 2013.[1] In January 2015, the company announced plans to issue new shares worth US$2.3 billion on HKSE.[2] On 21 April 2015, the company announced in a HKSE filing its plans to raise another US$3.1 billion by selling 2 billion new shares. [3]

Since June 2017, it was part of Shanghai Stock Exchange's blue chip index: SSE 50 Index.[4]


China Galaxy Securities was founded in Jan 26, 2007 with a capital of RMB 6 billion. Major contribution of fund was from Galaxy Financial Holdings which took up 99.89% of issued capital, with the remaining 0.11% being taken up by four promoters: Beijing Tsinghua Venture Capital (currently known as Qingyuan Defeng), Chongqing Water, China General and CNBM. [5]

Management Board[edit]

The board of directors consist of 11 members, of which 2 are executive Directors, 5 non-executive Directors and 4 independent non-executive Directors. Directors are elected on 3-year term. [6]

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