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Chinese Radio New York
Traditional Chinese紐約中文

Chinese Radio New York (Chinese: 紐約中文電台; pinyin: Niǔ Yuē Zhōngwén Diàntái; Jyutping: nau2 joek3 zung1 man4 din6 toi4) is a Cantonese-dialect broadcast originating from New York City. The program is simulcast to Philadelphia on WNWR Mondays to Fridays 3 p.m.–8 p.m. On February 1, 2007, Chinese Radio New York started a 24-hour station on the 67 kHz subcarrier of WPAT-FM. These broadcasts have since been discontinued in favor of Internet streaming.

Chinese Radio New York runs a variety of programs which includes news rebroadcasts from Radio Television Hong Kong, local New York City and Philadelphia Chinatown and non-Chinatown news (such as the New Jersey Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, and some American sports like the Philadelphia Phillies baseball) that are of general concern to the community and Cantopop, generally towards the later part of the program. Callers to the show are generally from both New York City and Philadelphia Chinatown to discuss topics such as family issues, health issues, and more. The local advertisers are usually from both New York City and Philadelphia Chinatowns, which include Chinese furniture stores, doctors and dentists, Chinese restaurants and other local Chinese retailers. All of the promotions are done locally in Cantonese.


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