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Chippewa Valley Schools is a school district with its headquarters located in Clinton Township, Macomb County, Michigan.[1] The Chippewa Valley School district covers 28 square miles serving in the Clinton and Macomb Townships.[2] It is the eighth largest school district out of 788 public and charter schools in Michigan and the second largest school district in Macomb County.[2] Chippewa Valley school district teaches 16,300 students each day. Those students attend school at twelve Elementary, four Middle, two ninth grade centers, two high schools, one alternative high school, one International Academy of Macomb (IAM) High School, and one preschool center.[2]

1.3 million miles are covered by Chippewa Valley School district buses transporting students to and from school using 153,000 gallons of diesel fuel. 10,500 students ride a bus each day to get to school.[2] 835,200 school meals are served each year during morning breakfast and lunch meals to the students, including reduced priced lunches for students who are in need of it. Chippewa Valley School is one of Macomb County's largest employers, providing jobs for 1,800 teachers, janitors, and administration.[2]

High schools[edit]

Chippewa Valley High School[edit]

Dakota High School[edit]

Mohegan High School[edit]

Mohegan High School

United States
Color(s)Orange, Blue          

Mohegan High School is an alternative high school where students achieve the same goals as regular high school, but with different hours, rules, methods, atmosphere and approaches. [3]

Middle schools[edit]

Algonquin Middle School[edit]

Algonquin Middle School is found in Clinton Township, Michigan. Their mascot name is the Eagles. They previously added two new science labs. The principal is Joseph Connelly and the assistant principal is Jeff Nelson.

The Algonquin Middle School mission statement: "The Algonquin Community will address the needs of emerging adolescent and provide opportunities for each student to recognize and better understand changes in their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. This will be accomplished by offering a challenging, relevant and diverse curriculum in a safe, stimulating environment."

Iroquois Middle School[edit]

Iroquois Middle School is one of four middle schools in the Chippewa Valley School District located in Macomb County, Michigan.

Previously the Iroquois Indians, the mascot was changed to the Panthers due to inappropriate nature of referring to American natives as "Indians". It was also agreed that "Panthers" sounded like a tougher name for its teams.

In April 2008, the school started construction to add a new wing to the school, a new band room, and several other rooms. The construction is now completed and the classrooms are now in use. [4]

Seneca Middle School[edit]

Seneca Middle School is a suburb based campus previously located in Clinton Township. While that building is now used as the Chippewa Valley High School 9th Grade Center and the International Academy of Macomb, the new building opened for the 2008-'09 school year is located in Macomb Township next to Dakota High School and Cheyenne Elementary School. Their mascot is the "Jaguars," and the school colors are green, gold, and white. Seneca Middle School is located on Heydenreich and 21 Mile Road. The principal is Mr. Todd Disteralth, and the assistant principal is Mr. Ray Buchilli.[5]

Wyandot Middle School[edit]

School located on Garfield Rd. in Clinton Township Michigan. Wyandot is known as the "Hawks" with colors of Navy Blue and Gold. The principal of Wyandot is Christina Kozouz who is assisted by her assistant principal Jason Bruveris.[6]

Elementary schools[edit]

Cherokee Elementary School
Principal: Lynn Mair
42900 Rivergate
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Cheyenne Elementary School
Principal: Mark Johnson
47600 Heydenreich
Macomb Township, MI 48044

Clinton Valley Elementary School
Principal: Greg Finlayson
1260 Mulberry
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043

Erie Elementary School
Principal: Jerry Evanski
42276 Romeo Plank
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Fox Elementary School
Principal: Frank Bellomo
17500 Millstone
Macomb Township, MI 48044

Huron Elementary School
Principal: Kelly Shock
15800 Terra Bella
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Miami Elementary School
Principal: Craig Bulgrin
41290 Kentvale
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Mohawk Elementary School
Principal: Andrea Lopez
48101 Romeo Plank
Macomb Township, MI 48044

Ojibwa Elementary School
Principal: Marina Licari
46950 Heydenreich
Macomb Township, MI 48044

Ottawa Elementary School
Principal: Duane Lockhart
18601 Millar
Clinton Township, MI 48036

Sequoyah Elementary School
Principal: Ted Zotos
18500 24 Mile
Macomb Township, MI 48042

Shawnee Elementary School
Principal: Sarah Simon
21555 Vesper
Macomb Township, MI 48044


Little Turtle[edit]

Little Turtle Early Childhood Center provides two and a half hour classes for preschool aged children two, or three days a week depending on the parent’s choice of class. All day preschool is also available and the school has students enrolled between infants to five years of age.

It can hold up to 283 students, but doesn't take subsidise. [8]

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