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Alternative namesCheeroti
TypeIndian Dessert
Place of originIndia
Region or stateKarnataka , Maharashtra and Telangana
Main ingredientsmaida sugar ghee

Chiroti is a delicacy predominantly served in Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is also famous in parts of Telangana state. Specially in the districts of Nalgonda . Here it is known by the name Pheni/Peni. It is served as a dessert on special occasions such as a festival or a wedding.[1]

Semolina based pheni laadu and badam milk, karnataka sweet dish

It's prepared [2] by rolling out kneaded dough made of maida into layered circular shapes and then deep frying in ghee or refined oil. The outcome resembles a semi golden brown fluffy poori, which is then sprinkled liberally with powdered sugar and optionally grated almonds and cashew.

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