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Christoph Kittel (fl. 1640 - Dresden, 1680) was a German organist, music publisher. He was son[1] or brother of Caspar Kittel. Like Caspar Kittel he was a pupil of Heinrich Schütz and published Schütz' 1657 collection Zwölff Geistlichen Gesänge (SWV420-31).[2] He may have been related to Johann Christian Kittel (1732-1809), one of the last pupils of J. S. Bach.


  1. ^ Companion to Baroque Music -p199 Julie Anne Sadie - 1998 "With the publication of his Arien und Cantaten (texts by Opitz), Kittel became the first German composer to use the Italian term 'cantata', by which he meant strophic variations. His son Christoph (fl 1641-80) was appointed Hofkapelle "
  2. ^ Anthony Clayton, Alan Russell Dresden: A City Reborn - 2001 p179 -"Other notable and influential pupils from the Dresden stable include Christoph Kittel (active in the Hofkapelle 1640-80) and"