Cijin–Gushan ferry

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Coordinates: 22°37′08″N 120°16′12″E / 22.6189°N 120.270097°E / 22.6189; 120.270097

Cijin–Gushan Ferry
Cigu No.2 ferry sailing 20070809.jpg
LocaleKaohsiung, Taiwan
Transit typeFerry
No. of lines1
No. of terminals2
Cijin Ferry Pier
Gushan Ferry Pier

The Cijin–Gushan ferry connects the Cijin and Gushan Districts of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is popular with tourists visiting the attractions of Cijin Island.

A ride on the ferry costed around NT$0.2 in the 1970s but the route has been operating since the Ming Dynasty. It currently costs NT$35 per one-way ride. The journey takes about five minutes from Gushan to Cijin, an island which has seafood restaurants, traditional markets and a beach for tourists.[1][2][3]

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