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Cinderblock as seen in Teen Titans Go!.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceTeen Titans
"Divide and Conquer"
First comic appearanceTitans Vol 2 #17 (November, 2009)
Created byDavid Slack
Voiced byDee Bradley Baker
In-story information
AbilitiesIn TV Series:
In Comics:

Cinderblock is a supervillain who appeared in DC Comics. He first appeared in the Teen Titans cartoon. Like Batman character Harley Quinn and Superman character Mercy Graves, Cinderblock crossed out of his animated series debut and into the comics following Final Crisis.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Teen Titans (Animated Series)[edit]

Cinderblock is a humanoid concrete monster whose vocal effects were provided by Dee Bradley Baker. In "Divide and Conquer," Cinderblock is used by Slade to break Plasmus out of prison after Robin and Cyborg messed up their combo move which resulted in an attempted prison break and Cyborg leaving the Teen Titans after an argument with Robin. After Cinderblock unleashed Plasmus, Slade send Cinderblock to attack the city while the Teen Titans were busy fighting Plasmus. Unfortunately, he was taken down by Cyborg who reunited with the Teen Titans to take down Plasmus.

In "Apprentice" Pt. 1, Robin ended up fighting Cinderblock in the sewers while looking for Slade's hideout. He was easily defeated by Robin due to a tracking device planted on him that led Robin to Slade.

In "Aftershock" Pt. 1, Slade had Terra bust out Cinderblock, Overload, and Plasmus and dispatched them to different parts of the city. Robin and Starfire ended up fighting Cinderblock until Terra attacked them. In "Aftershock" Pt. 2, he attacked the Teen Titans by combining with Overload and Plasmus to form Ternion. This composite monster was defeated by the Teen Titans.

In "Haunted," the Teen Titans ended up fighting Cinderblock in the forest until Robin saw what appeared to be Slade. Because of Robin going after Slade with Starfire with him, Cinderblock ended up getting away.

He was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil as seen at the end of "Homecoming." In "Calling All Titans," Cinderblock was paired up with Johnny Rancid to capture Más y Menos, but only succeeded in capturing Menos. In "Titans Together," Cinderblock was instrumental in Beast Boy's plan to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Evil's secret base by having Jericho take over his body while carrying Beast Boy, Más, Pantha, and Herald. When Adonis, André LeBlanc, Mammoth, and Private H.I.V.E. ran into him and told him that Brain is about to freeze Robin, Cinderblock spoke causing Private H.I.V.E. to ask when Cinderblock started talking. When Jericho left Cinderblock's body, it fell to the floor dazed. He was later frozen with the other villains at the base.


Recently, Cinderblock has appeared in comics as part of the main DC Universe. He is initially shown battling the newest incarnation of Teen Titans in downtown San Francisco, and is somehow able to absorb most of their attacks with little damage. However, Static is able to distract Cinderblock long enough for Beast Boy and Wonder Girl to impale him through the back with a large metal pipe, causing his body to crumble. This does not defeat Cinderblock, and his body begins to reform itself. Before he can fully heal, Bombshell hurls his head into the San Francisco Bay. Though his ultimate fate is unknown, Static is later seen asking Aquagirl to retrieve the severed head from the bay.[1]

One notable difference between the comic and the cartoon versions is that the comic version can speak, albeit in sentence fragments.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Cinderblock is made of concrete and has super-strength and durability.

When Cinderblock appeared in the comics, he also purportedly has the power to regenerate his body when it is shattered.

In other Media[edit]


Cinderblock appeared in the Teen Titans Go! episode "Staff Meeting." Robin tries to fight Cinderblock while crying over his bent staff but Cinderblock grabs a hold of Robin and throws him into the air. In "Artful Dodgers," Cinderblock is shown to lead a dodgeball team called the Blockheads which is defeated in a dodgeball match against the Teen Titans. In "Starfire the Terrible," Cinderblock is shown in the opening scene of the episode, where Robin uses his Motorcycle to destroy one of Cinderblock's arms and take him down.

Video Games[edit]

Cinderblock also appeared in the Teen Titans videogame.


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