Cirebon Prujakan railway station

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Cirebon Prujakan Station
Cirebon Prujakan station 100810-5997 cn.JPG
LocationCirebon West Java
Coordinates6°43′10″S 108°33′31″E / 6.71944°S 108.55861°E / -6.71944; 108.55861Coordinates: 6°43′10″S 108°33′31″E / 6.71944°S 108.55861°E / -6.71944; 108.55861
Owned byPT Kereta Api Indonesia
Line(s)Northern Line
Cirebon to Kroya Line
Other information
Station codeCNP

Cirebon Prujakan Station (formerly known only as Prujakan Station) is a train station in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.

The station is located at a height of 4 meters above sea level is located at twin road / Nyi Mas Gandasari Street, Pekalangan village, Pekalipan district, Cirebon. Cirebon Prujakan Station is largest station on DAOP 3 Cirebon after Cirebon Station and Jatibarang Station.[1]

Cirebon Prujakan Station is a train station stops for economy class train. While the executive and business class train does not stop at this station but stops at Cirebon Station, although sometimes there is also a stop on Cirebon Prujakan to cross, because the line was still using a single track to track eastward. This station is the only railway station in DAOP 3 Cirebon that have drive thru ticketting system since 2011.[2][3]

In 2011, Cirebon Prujakan Station and Cirebon station was renovated by elevating platform, and added lines.[4]


The station was built almost simultaneously with Cirebon Station, which is about on 1911 the initiative of the private railway company, Semarang-Cheribonsche-Stoomtram-Maatschappij (SCS).[5] As a container station and freight trains, station construction is intended to facilitate and accelerate the flow of agricultural commodities and imported goods mobility. The flow of goods from this station next empties in Cirebon port, because the station is the formerly station branching line to the port of. Since July 2011, the station Cirebon Prujakan transformed into a big station intended as the economy class train stops in the city of Cirebon on the north and south line. So the station is a station branching for the Northern line and south line that were previously located in Cirebon station.


Passenger trains that utilise this station :


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