Clovis IV

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Clovis IV (Frankish King)
Jugement du roi Clovis III 1 - Archives Nationales - K-3-7.jpg
A written judgement issued by Clovis IV on 28 February 693
King of the Franks
PredecessorTheuderic III
SuccessorChildebert III
Mayor of the PalacePepin of Herstal
Died695 (aged 17–18)
FatherTheuderic III

Clovis IV (sometimes Clovis III if the other Clovis III is considered a usurper) (c.677[1]–695[citation needed]), son of Theuderic III,[2] was the sole king of the Franks from 691 until his death.[3] Although Clovis IV is called "King of the Franks", he was really a puppet—a roi fainéant—of his uncle Pepin II, mayor of the palace of Austrasia.


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Clovis IV
Born: 677 Died: 695
Preceded by
Theuderic III
King of the Franks
Succeeded by
Childebert III