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Marlton Circle before retrofit project to form a grade separated interchange
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This is a list of traffic circles in New Jersey. The U.S. state of New Jersey at one point had a total of 101 traffic circles, 44 of which were part of state roads. However, the number has shrunk as traffic circles have been phased out by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.[1][2] In the 1920s and 1930s, New Jersey felt that traffic circles were an efficient way for moving traffic through three or more intersecting roads.[1] Built in 1925, the first traffic circle in New Jersey was the Airport Circle in Pennsauken.[3] Many of these interchanges are rotaries in design, as opposed to the more successful modern roundabout.

As suburban and rural populations grew New Jersey's traffic circles became outdated. The increased number of drivers on the roads resulted in traffic circles being more likely to hinder traffic than help it. Increased number of vehicles and faster traffic speeds made traffic circles more dangerous and accidents common.[1] Many traffic circles became notorious for having frequent accidents and being confusing, especially for non-locals.[4][5] Starting around the 1970s, the New Jersey Department of Transportation began phasing out traffic circles.[6] Common methods of eliminating traffic circles are building a road through the circle, adding traffic lights, and the use of grade separation.[7]

Traffic circles[edit]

Modified traffic circles are intersections where parts or all of the original circle still exist as a major part of the intersection.

Name Image Location Status Intersecting roads Notes
Airport Circle (Newark) Newark Defunct US 1/9, NJ 21, US 22 Eliminated due to the construction of the NJ Turnpike and the subsequent expansion of Newark Airport.
Airport Circle Route 130 heading northbound through Camden County.jpg Pennsauken Township
39°56′01″N 75°04′56″W / 39.9337°N 75.0823°W / 39.9337; -75.0823 (Airport Circle)
Modified US 30, US 130, NJ 70, NJ 38, Kaighn Ave. First traffic circle in New Jersey. Built 1925, opened 1927. Traffic lights, ramps and overpasses have been added.[3]
Airport Circle Egg Harbor Township
39°25′54″N 74°34′45″W / 39.4318°N 74.5791°W / 39.4318; -74.5791 (Airport Circle)
Modified CR 563, CR 646, Amelia Earhart Blvd. Entrance to the Atlantic City International Airport. In 2011, the circle was revised to allow Delilah Road motorists to pass straight through the circle, plus the addition of traffic signals.[8] Direct connection ramps are proposed to help funnel traffic to and from the airport.
Alexander Street Circle (Roundabout) Princeton
40°20′35″N 74°39′39″W / 40.3430°N 74.6608°W / 40.3430; -74.6608 (Alexander Street Roundabout)
Recent Alexander Street, University Place Opened February 2014.[9][10]
Allwood Circle Clifton
40°50′35″N 74°09′35″W / 40.843°N 74.1596°W / 40.843; -74.1596 (Allwood Circle)
Modified Allwood Road (CR 602), Bloomfield Avenue (CR 622) Reconfigured to roundabout alignment.
Allenwood Circle (Hurleys Corner Circle) Route 34 circle.jpg Wall Township
40°09′00″N 74°05′46″W / 40.1501°N 74.0960°W / 40.1501; -74.0960 (Allenwood Circle)
Original NJ 34 & Allaire Road Built in the 1930s to support increased traffic in the area.
Asbury Park Circle Asbury Park
40°13′34″N 74°02′16″W / 40.2261°N 74.0377°W / 40.2261; -74.0377 (Asbury Park Circle)
Original NJ 35, NJ 66, Asbury Avenue (CR 16) Built in the 1940s to support increased traffic in the area.
Barrington Circle Barrington
39°52′34″N 75°02′58″W / 39.8762°N 75.0495°W / 39.8762; -75.0495 (Barrington Circle)
Modified US 30, NJ 41 [3]
Bayway Circle Elizabeth
40°39′03″N 74°13′16″W / 40.6507°N 74.2211°W / 40.6507; -74.2211 (Bayway Circle)
Modified US 1/9, NJ 439 Originally built to connect the Edgar Plank Road with Elizabeth's Spring Street (via a modified Carlton Street between Edgar Road and the circle and a brand-new highway between Spring Street and the circle), both of which are now part of US 1/9.
Berlin Circle Berlin Township
39°48′06″N 74°55′54″W / 39.8016°N 74.9316°W / 39.8016; -74.9316 (Berlin Circle)
Defunct NJ 73, Berlin-Cross Keys Road and Walker Avenue [3]
Boulevard and Passaic Avenue Circle Hasbrouck Heights
40°51′29″N 74°04′54″W / 40.8580°N 74.0817°W / 40.8580; -74.0817 (Boulevard and Passaic Avenue Circle)
Original Boulevard, Passaic Ave. While there was no circle in this town originally, increased traffic required a circle to be built.
Bound Brook Circle Bound Brook
40°33′41″N 74°31′40″W / 40.5615°N 74.5278°W / 40.5615; -74.5278 (Bound Brook Circle)
Recent East Main St and Bolmer Blvd. One of the newer traffic circles in the state. Built in the early-mid 2000s as a traffic calming solution at a former three-way intersection, and also as part of a realignment of the same intersection.
Brielle Circle Wall Township
40°06′58″N 74°04′22″W / 40.1162°N 74.0729°W / 40.1162; -74.0729 (Brielle Circle)
Defunct NJ 34, NJ 35, NJ 70 Replaced with an at-grade intersection with jughandles.
Brookdale Circle Brookdale Community College entrance.jpg Lincroft
40°19′56″N 74°07′54″W / 40.3321°N 74.1317°W / 40.3321; -74.1317 (Brookdale Circle)
Recent CR 520, Campus Drive
Added in 2007; previously an at-grade intersection with a traffic light. Located at the entrance to Brookdale Community College and the Lincroft Bible Church.
Brooklawn Circles Brooklawn
Browning Road Circle Pennsauken Township Defunct
Brunswick Circle Trenton and Lawrence Township
40°14′43″N 74°44′34″W / 40.2453°N 74.7428°W / 40.2453; -74.7428 (Brunswick Circle)
US 206, US 1 Bus., CR 645
Burnet Street Circle New Brunswick Defunct
Camp Merritt Memorial Circle Cresskill
40°56′29″N 73°58′36″W / 40.9413°N 73.9768°W / 40.9413; -73.9768 (Camp Merritt Memorial Circle)
CR 505 (Knickerbocker Rd.), Madison Ave.
Cardiff Circle Egg Harbor Township
39°24′26″N 74°33′49″W / 39.4073°N 74.5637°W / 39.4073; -74.5637 (Cardiff Circle)
Defunct US 40, US 322, CR 563 [7]
Charlotte Circle Jersey City
40°44′18″N 74°04′25″W / 40.738320°N 74.073660°W / 40.738320; -74.073660 (Charlotte Circle)
Chesterfield Circle CR 528 CR 660 roundabout.jpg Chesterfield Township
40°07′50″N 74°39′43″W / 40.130592°N 74.661938°W / 40.130592; -74.661938 (Chesterfield Circle)
New as of 2014 County Route 528, Old York Road (CR 660) Technically a Roundabout
Clark Circle Clark
40°37′37″N 74°18′16″W / 40.6269°N 74.3044°W / 40.6269; -74.3044 (Clark Circle)
Modified G.S. Pkwy., Central Avenue (CR 613), Walnut Avenue (CR 632) Exit 135 of the Garden State Pkwy., traffic lights added in 2007.[11]
College Drive Circle (Roundabout) Gloucester Township
39°47′16″N 75°02′37″W / 39.7877°N 75.0435°W / 39.7877; -75.0435 (College Drive Circle)
CR 673 Built in 2009 at the entrance to Camden County College. 3 other traffic circles were built on college grounds, along with new service roads for improved safety and more accessibility to the college, near Route 42 and Route 168.[12]
Collingswood Circle Collingswood
39°55′08″N 75°05′20″W / 39.9189°N 75.0888°W / 39.9189; -75.0888 (Collingswood Circle)
Defunct US 30, US 130, White Horse Pike, Woodlynne Ave. Replaced by an at-grade intersection with jughandles in 2009.[13]
Collingwood Circle Collingwood Circle, Wall, NJ.jpg Wall Township
40°13′09″N 74°07′42″W / 40.2192°N 74.1284°W / 40.2192; -74.1284 (Collingwood Circle)
NJ 33, NJ 34, CR 547
Cooper Landing Circle Cherry Hill
39°56′26″N 75°00′35″W / 39.9405°N 75.0098°W / 39.9405; -75.0098 (Cooper Landing Circle)
Modified NJ 38, Cooper Landing Road, Church Road
Cranbury-Hightstown Circle Cranbury
40°17′31″N 74°31′14″W / 40.2919°N 74.5205°W / 40.2919; -74.5205 (Cranbury-Hightstown Circle)
US 130, CR 539, Old Trenton Road (CR 685)
Eatontown Circle Eatontown
40°17′27″N 74°03′06″W / 40.2909°N 74.0518°W / 40.2909; -74.0518 (Eatontown Circle)
Defunct NJ 35, NJ 36
Eisenhower Traffic Circle[14] Eisenhower Traffic Circle, Lakehurst.jpg Lakehurst
40°00′42″N 74°19′33″W / 40.0117°N 74.3259°W / 40.0117; -74.3259 (Union Avenue Circle)
NJ 70, Union Ave., South Union Ave., Pine St., Myrtle Ave.
Ellisburg Circle Cherry Hill
39°54′50″N 75°00′37″W / 39.9138°N 75.0102°W / 39.9138; -75.0102 (Ellisburg Circle)
Defunct NJ 41, NJ 70, NJ 154 [3]
Flemington Circle Flemington circle usgs.jpg Flemington
40°30′09″N 74°51′12″W / 40.5026°N 74.8534°W / 40.5026; -74.8534 (Flemington Circle)
US 202, NJ 12, NJ 31 To be replaced with a modern roundabout.[15]
Four Mile Circle Four Mile Circle from Route 70 westbound crop.jpg Southampton Township, Pemberton Township
39°53′56″N 74°35′47″W / 39.8989°N 74.5963°W / 39.8989; -74.5963 (Four Mile Circle)
NJ 70, NJ 72, Magnolia Road (CR 644), New Lisbon Road (CR 646)
Franklin Lake Circle Franklin Lakes
40°59′37″N 74°12′44″W / 40.9935°N 74.2123°W / 40.9935; -74.2123 (Franklin Lake Circle)
Freehold Circle Freehold Borough
40°15′33″N 74°17′28″W / 40.2592°N 74.2912°W / 40.2592; -74.2912 (Freehold Circle)
Defunct US 9, NJ 33 Bus., Manalapan Ave.
Ho-Ho-Kus Circle Ho-Ho-Kus Defunct
Lakehurst Circle Lakehurst Circle.jpg Lakehurst
40°00′46″N 74°18′19″W / 40.0128°N 74.3052°W / 40.0128; -74.3052 (Lakehurst Circle)
NJ 37, NJ 70
Laurelton Circle Brick Township
40°04′08″N 74°07′49″W / 40.0688°N 74.1303°W / 40.0688; -74.1303 (Laurelton Circle)
Defunct NJ 70, NJ 88, CR 630
Ledgewood Circle Ledgewoodcircle1994.jpg Ledgewood in Roxbury Township
40°52′44″N 74°39′03″W / 40.8790°N 74.6508°W / 40.8790; -74.6508 (Ledgewood Circle)
Defunct US 46, NJ 10, Circle Dr. [1]
Converted to 3-way signaled intersection (late 1990s)
Linden Circle Linden
40°38′24″N 74°17′16″W / 40.6399°N 74.2879°W / 40.6399; -74.2879 (Linden Circle)
Defunct Raritan Road (CR 607), Centennial Avenue (CR 615)
Little Ferry Circle Little Ferry
40°51′10″N 74°02′02″W / 40.8529°N 74.0340°W / 40.8529; -74.0340 (Little Ferry Circle)
Defunct US 46, Bergen Tpke.
Livingston Circle Livingston
40°47′47″N 74°20′29″W / 40.7963°N 74.3413°W / 40.7963; -74.3413 (Livingston Circle)
Modified Eisenhower Parkway, NJ 10 (Mt. Pleasant Ave.), W Northfield Rd.
Main Street Circle Main Street Circle, Flemington, NJ.jpg Flemington
40°30′06″N 74°51′31″W / 40.5018°N 74.8586°W / 40.5018; -74.8586 (Main Street Circle)
NJ 12, Main St., South Main St., Reaville Ave.
Manasquan Circle Wall Township
40°07′56″N 74°03′55″W / 40.1323°N 74.0652°W / 40.1323; -74.0652 (Manasquan Circle)
NJ 35, CR 524 Spur
Marlton Circle Marlton circle.jpg Marlton in Evesham Township
39°53′38″N 74°55′40″W / 39.8938°N 74.9278°W / 39.8938; -74.9278 (Marlton Circle)
Defunct NJ 70, NJ 73 Replaced with an interchange in 2011.[16]
Medford Circle Medford
39°54′17″N 74°49′28″W / 39.9047°N 74.8244°W / 39.9047; -74.8244 (Medford Circle)
Defunct Route 70, CR 541
Monument Circle Englewood
40°53′48″N 73°58′47″W / 40.8967°N 73.9797°W / 40.8967; -73.9797 (Soldier's Monument in Monument Circle)[17]
CR 505 (W Palisade Ave.), Tenafly Rd., Bennett Rd., Lafayette Ave.
Morlot Avenue Bridge Circle Paterson
40°55′23″N 74°08′29″W / 40.9230°N 74.1413°W / 40.9230; -74.1413 (Morlot Avenue Bridge Circle)
Defunct NJ 20, 10th Avenue (CR 651)
Netcong Circle Netcong
40°53′48″N 74°42′01″W / 40.8968°N 74.7003°W / 40.8968; -74.7003 (Netcong Circle)
Defunct US 46, NJ 183 Converted to 4-way intersection (August 2013)
Park Avenue and Passaic Avenue Rutherford
40°49′35″N 74°06′26″W / 40.8263°N 74.1072°W / 40.8263; -74.1072
Pennington Circle Pennington Circle, NJ.jpg Pennington
40°18′30″N 74°47′12″W / 40.3082°N 74.7866°W / 40.3082; -74.7866 (Pennington Circle)
NJ 31, CR 546, Pennington Road (CR 640) Metering lights added in late 2015[18]
Penns Neck Circle US 1 NB at CR 526-CR 571 NJ.JPG Penns Neck in West Windsor Township
40°19′53″N 74°38′17″W / 40.3315°N 74.6380°W / 40.3315; -74.6380 (Penns Neck Circle)
Modified US 1, CR 526/CR 571
Pole Tavern Circle Upper Pittsgrove Township
39°37′01″N 75°13′46″W / 39.6170°N 75.2294°W / 39.6170; -75.2294 (Pole Tavern Circle)
US 40, NJ 77, Monroeville Road (CR 604), Daretown Road (CR 635)
Pudgy Circle McGuire AFB, New Hanover
40°02′07″N 74°35′12″W / 40.0354°N 74.5868°W / 40.0354; -74.5868 (Pudgy Circle)
McGuire Blvd, 1st Street
Race Track Circle Cherry Hill
39°55′10″N 75°02′03″W / 39.9194°N 75.0343°W / 39.9194; -75.0343 (Race Track Circle)
Defunct NJ 70, Haddonfield Road (CR 644) [3]
Red Lion Circle 2014-08-27 10 57 36 View of the Red Lion Circle from the west.JPG Southampton Township
39°53′14″N 74°44′28″W / 39.8872°N 74.7411°W / 39.8872; -74.7411 (Red Lion Circle)
US 206, NJ 70
Ridgefield Circle Ridgefield
40°49′59″N 74°00′37″W / 40.8331°N 74.0103°W / 40.8331; -74.0103 (Ridgefield Circle)
Defunct US 1, NJ 39, Hendricks Causeway
Route 12 Circle / Dvoor's Circle NJ 12 CR 523 Circle.jpg Raritan Township
40°30′16″N 74°52′16″W / 40.5044°N 74.8712°W / 40.5044; -74.8712 (Route 12 Circle)
NJ 12, CR 523, Mine St.
Routes 1 & 130 Circle North Brunswick
40°27′46″N 74°27′19″W / 40.4627°N 74.4553°W / 40.4627; -74.4553 (Routes 1 & 130 Circle)
Defunct US 1, US 130, NJ 171 Replaced by at-grade intersection, now an interchange.
Somers Point Circle NJ 52 northbound leaving Somers Point Circle.jpg Somers Point
39°18′31″N 74°35′57″W / 39.3087°N 74.5993°W / 39.3087; -74.5993 (Somers Point Circle)
Defunct NJ 52, CR 559, CR 585 Replaced by an intersection with traffic signals.[19][20]
Somerville Circle Somerville circle usgs.jpg Bridgewater, Raritan
40°34′33″N 74°37′44″W / 40.5757°N 74.6290°W / 40.5757; -74.6290 (Somerville Circle)
Modified US 202, US 206, NJ 28 An overpass and traffic lights were added in the 1990s.[6]
Station Square Rutherford NJT train station 2.jpg Rutherford
40°49′42″N 74°06′04″W / 40.8284°N 74.1011°W / 40.8284; -74.1011 (Station Square)
Modified Park Avenue, Orient Way, Union Avenue, and Erie Avenue Rebuilt August 2003 - 2005
Teaneck Circle Teaneck Defunct
Tonnele Circle Tonnelle circle usgs.jpg Jersey City
40°44′22″N 74°03′55″W / 40.7394°N 74.0654°W / 40.7394; -74.0654 (Tonnele Circle)
Modified US 1/9, US 1/9 Truck, NJ 139, Tonnele Ave.
Victory Circle Victory Circle, NJ in the 1990s.tif Sayreville
40°29′46″N 74°17′52″W / 40.4962°N 74.2978°W / 40.4962; -74.2978 (Victory Circle)
Defunct US 9, NJ 35, Chevalier Ave., Main St. Replaced with a diamond interchange in 2006.[21]
Watchung Circle Mountainside
40°41′14″N 74°21′50″W / 40.6872°N 74.3639°W / 40.6872; -74.3639 (Watchung Circle)
W R Tracy Drive (CR 645), Summit Lane (CR 642)
Westfield Circle Westfield
40°38′55″N 74°21′01″W / 40.6485°N 74.3503°W / 40.6485; -74.3503 (Westfield Circle)
CR 509, South Avenue (CR 610), NJ 28, Westfield Ave., Watterson St. Expanded to two lanes in 2005 with one way designations added to Watterson St. (Inbound), and Westfield Ave. (Outbound)
White Horse Circle White Horse in Hamilton Township
40°11′18″N 74°42′17″W / 40.1882°N 74.7048°W / 40.1882; -74.7048 (White Horse Circle)
Modified US 206, CR 524, CR 533


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