Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments

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Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments
Common Depot
Active1933 - 1955
1955 - 1st Foreign Regiment
DisbandedJuly 1, 1955
Country France
BranchFranceFrench Army
TypeMilitary Training
Garrison/HQSidi-bel-Abbes, Algeria
Each year, the French Foreign Legion commemorates and celebrates Camarón in its headquarters in Aubagne and Bastille Day military parade in Paris; featuring the Pionniers leading and opening the way.

The Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments (DCRE), or (French: Dépôt commun des régiments étrangers, D.C.R.E), was the primary operations center of gravity of the French Foreign Legion from 1933 to 1955.


The Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments (D.C.R.E) (French: Dépôt commun des régiments étrangers, D.C.R.E) was created on October 13 1st 1933. The Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments was administratively dependent on the 1st Foreign Infantry Regiment.

From April 1, 1942, the D.C.R.E became a formed unit corps (the equivalent of a regiment) and commanded by a senior colonel; the highest ranked colonel amongst all French Foreign Legion regimental commanders. This senior colonel of the D.C.R.E acts as a general inspector vis-à-vis of the minister.

On September 1, 1950, the functions of the D.C.R.E are delegated to the Autonomous Group of the Foreign Legion (G.A.L.E) (French: Groupement autonome de la Légion étrangère, G.A.L.E) which took over temporarily from the Inspection of the Foreign Legion (I.L.E) (French: Inspection de la légion étrangère, I.L.E); the (I.L.E) that would later constitute the Foreign Legion Command. The D.C.R.E in the meantime changed name to the Communal Depot of the Foreign Legion (D.C.L.E) (French: Dépôt commun de la Légion étrangère, D.C.L.E). From 1950 to 1955, the newly named changed D.C.L.E was charged with running staffing operations, administration and the affairs of combat companies in transit. The D.C.L.E is dissolved on July 1, 1955 and the mission is relieved by the 1st Foreign Regiment.

Insignia Representation[edit]

Two hemispheres, one red and one green, masking a grenade with 7 flames placed on top of the inscription: French Foreign Legion (French: << LÉGION ÉTRANGÈRE FRANÇAISE>>), The two hemispheres represent simultaneously the implementation of the Legion at quartier Viénot at Sidi-bel-Abbès and the relic monument aux morts of the D.C.R.E, responsible of traditions in mounting the guard. The green and red colors with the grenade with 7 flames are the traditional marks of the French Foreign Legion. The Insignia was created in 1946 by Colonel Gaultier, highest Legion ranking regimental commander of the D.C.R.E.


  • Headquarters Staff
  • Instruction/Training Battalion
  • Transit Battalion
  • Four Operations Depots

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