Communist Party of Azerbaijan (1996)

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Communist Party of Azerbaijan
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliationIMCWP[1]

The Communist Party of Azerbaijan (often known as "CPA-2") is a communist party in Azerbaijan, a splinter group from the main Communist Party of Azerbaijan. CPA-2 is led by Firudin Hasanov. CPA-2 was formed in 1996. CPA-2 developed close relation with the government of the country and for a brief period it was the only legally registered communist party in the country.

Hasanov was a candidate in Azerbaijan's 1998 presidential election and he arrived fourth obtaining 29.224 votes (0.87%). Leaders of the other Azeri communist parties describe Hasanov as a "traitor" for his collaboration with the government.

In 2000 the newspaper "Bu Gun" reported that Hasanov was considering a merger with the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, but then the press secretary Seyran Veliev told that the party had no intention of merging with NAP.[1]

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