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The Concerned Businessmen's Association of America (CBAA), founded in 1983, is a Scientology-related movement directed at promoting moral education and "enhanced well-being". The organization uses L. Ron Hubbard's The Way to Happiness booklet as part of their Set A Good Example (SAGE) program, which holds children's anti-drug contests, and awards grants to participating schools.[1] The Way to Happiness presents Scientology's religious concepts in a secular framework.[2] The CBAA licenses the trademarks of the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE). Their office is located in Reno, Nevada.

Media mention[edit]

In 1988, St. Petersburg Times listed them as "A Glendale, Calif.-based group of Scientologists that promotes drug-free living through its Way to Happiness book and like-named campaign, targeted to school-age children."[3][4]

In 1991, Time Magazine listed the CBAA as a Church of Scientology-linked group that "holds antidrug contests and awards $5,000 grants to schools as a way to recruit students and curry favor with education officials."[5]

In 1998, the Boston Herald listed them on an organization chart under "Groups that teach Hubbard’s management techniques".[6]


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