Conquista rose

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Conquista rose
Rosa 'Conquista'.JPG
Close-up of flower
GenusRosa hybrid
Marketing namesConquista
OriginDe Ruiter, 2014

The Conquista rose, registered under the name 'RUICH1069A',[1] is a modern soft pink hybrid tea rose cultivar developed in Holland by De Ruiter Innovations B.V. and introduced in 2014. Conquista is a Spanish term meaning "conquest".


The plant is tall-growing, upright and compact. The cupped flowers have a bright, unfading colour with a suffused rose reverse. The large blooms develop from urn-shaped buds and grow singly on firm stems, which vary in length from 40 to 70 cm. They open slowly, reach an average diameter of 9 cm, have 40 to 45 petals (tight bloom), and are not scented. The variety is almost thornless and has glossy foliage with serrated leaves of a dark green colour.[2]


The rose is bred for cultivation in greenhouses or grown in pots, but can tolerate outside temperatures. It is generally disease-resistant and ideal for warm situations. The long-stemmed flowers are showy and long lasting and are well suited as cut flowers.


The Conquista rose was named after the 2005 opera La Conquista by Italian composer Lorenzo Ferrero.[3]

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