Corpus Christi Church, Mexico City

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The church's exterior in 2008

The Corpus Christi Church is a former church on Avenida Juárez in the Historic center of Mexico City. It is the only remaining part of the Monastery of Corpus Christi, founded in 1724 for Indian women[1] and which was closed as part of the Reform Laws. The architect of the baroque structure was Pedro de Arrieta who also designed the Palace of the Inquisition and the Temple of San Felipe Neri "La Profesa".[2]

The church was destroyed during the 1985 earthquake and the facade has been integrated into a new building.

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Coordinates: 19°26′04″N 99°08′37″W / 19.434391°N 99.143726°W / 19.434391; -99.143726