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Coupe T.O.M or The Pacific French Territories Cup is a cup competed for by clubs from Tahiti and New Caledonia. T.O.M. stands for Territoires d'Outre-Mer, which includes Tahiti and New Caledonia. The other two T.O.M.s are Wallis and Futuna, whose standard of football is much lower, and the Southern and Antarctic Lands, which are uninhabited bar scientific personnel. All inhabited T.O.M.s are now called C.O.M.s, French: collectivités d'outre-mer or overseas collectivities). The winners qualify for the Outremer Champions Cup.

Previous winners[edit]

Year Final
Champion Result Runner-Up
1996 AS Manu-Ura (TAH) 1–2, 3–0 JS Traput (NCL)
1997 AS Vénus (TAH) 0–0, 1–1 (5–4 pens) JS Baco (NCL)
1998 AS Vénus (TAH) 4–0, 6–2 AS Poum (NCL)
1999 AS Vénus (TAH) 0–0, 2–1 FC Gaïtcha (NCL)
2000 AS Vénus (TAH) 2–0, 2–1 JS Baco (NCL)
2001 AS Pirae (TAH) 3–2, 3–1 JS Baco (NCL)
2002 AS Vénus (TAH) 0–0, 1–0 AS Mont-Dore (NCL)
2003 AS Magenta (NCL) 2–2, 2–2 (4–3 pens) AS Pirae (TAH)
2004 AS Manu-Ura (TAH) 1–1, 2–1 AS Magenta (NCL)
2005 AS Magenta (NCL) 4–1, 3–1 AS Tefana (TAH)
2006 AS Tefana (TAH) 2–0, 0–0 AS Mont-Dore (NCL)
2007 AS Pirae (TAH) 3–0, 2–2 JS Baco (NCL)


Championnat des Territoires Français du Pacifique (Coupe T.O.M.)