Court Hill

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Court Hill
Site of Special Scientific Interest
M5 southbound towards Court Hill (geograph 3638224).jpg
Court Hill is located in Somerset
Court Hill
Location within Somerset
Area of SearchAvon
Grid referenceST436722
Coordinates51°26′45″N 2°48′47″W / 51.44597°N 2.81294°W / 51.44597; -2.81294Coordinates: 51°26′45″N 2°48′47″W / 51.44597°N 2.81294°W / 51.44597; -2.81294
Area10.45 hectares (0.1045 km2; 0.0403 sq mi)
Notification1997 (1997)
Natural England website

Court Hill (grid reference ST436722) is a 10.45 hectare geological Site of Special Scientific Interest near the town of Clevedon, North Somerset, England; notified in 1997.

It is a Geological Conservation Review Site because it is the only example in southern England of an ice marginal col-gully cut by glacial meltwater and infilled by a variety of glacial sediments. The Pleistocene deposits include gravels, boulder-beds, sands, and till, overlain by cover sands with erratics of flint and Greensand chert. It has also yielded a number of Jurassic and Cretaceous foraminifera (micro fossils).[1]

Clevedon Court is a manor house on the side of Court Hill, dating from the early fourteenth century. It is now owned by the National Trust. It has been designated by English Heritage as a Grade I listed building.[2]


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