Curious George Takes a Job

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Curious George Takes a Job
First edition
AuthorH. A. Rey
Margret Rey
CountryUnited States
SeriesCurious George
GenreChildren's literature
PublisherHoughton Mifflin
Publication date
Media typePrint
Preceded byCurious George 
Followed byCurious George Rides a Bike 

Curious George Takes a Job is a children's book written and illustrated by Margaret Rey and H. A. Rey and published by Houghton Mifflin in 1947. It is the second of the Curious George books and tells the story of George taking a job as a window washer.


The book picks up where the first book ends. George is living in the zoo, until he gets a key from a zookeeper and escapes his cage. In the city, George enters a restaurant where he is caught eating a pot of spaghetti and forced by the cook to wash the dishes, but he does a splendid job. As a reward, the cook takes him to a friend (who is an elevator man), who gives him a job as a window washer at a tall apartment building. George washes the windows. He first saw a little boy crying because he didn't want to eat his spinach (for the first room), and then a man was taking a nap (for the second one). Then, now for a third, he discovers a room being painted. George then thinks painting is better than washing windows.

So (after he thinks the painters might paint the whole room into a jungle; with the furniture being made into jungle animals) he sneaks in and gives it a jungle theme (even painting the furniture covers as animals) during the painters' break for lunch. Upon their return from lunch an hour later, the painters look inside and the room has changed into a jungle (including a giraffe, two leopards, and a zebra). An apartment woman owner also shows up and gasps about "her lovely room". Finally, the painters, the elevator man (after the painters tell the elevator man about what George did to the woman's room which was making it into a jungle), and the apartment woman owner (who also told the elevator man) chase George down a fire escape.

When George reaches at the end of the fire escape, he jumps down thinking he might be safe. Unfortunately, when George jumps down from the end of the fire escape, he makes a hard landing on the stone-like pavement below. And poor little George, the pavement was hard as stone and not like the soft grass of the jungle. As a result, George breaks his leg, and an ambulance takes him to the hospital. The woman of the apartment told everyone how George got what he deserved, which was making her apartment room into a jungle. The elevator man adds that he knew that George would get into trouble because he was too curious.

As a result, George ends up in the hospital. He is then seen sadly laying in the hospital bed with a cast on his leg. It started out so nicely. If only he had not been so curious he would have had a lot of fun. But now it was too late.

The story of him being in the hospital makes it to the local newspaper where The Man with the Yellow Hat reads it and makes a beeline to the hospital to claim him. During that time, George gets out of his bed (his leg having healed) and tampers with a bottle of ether, which knocks him out. The Man and the nurse both find him this way and put him in a cold shower to wake him up, then George is taken to a movie studio to record a movie about his life, which he and all of his friends (whom he met during the story) are seen in a theater watching at the end of the book.