Döderhultarn Museum

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Döderhultarn Museum
Döderhultaren Beväringsmönstring.jpg
LocationOskarshamn, Sweden, Europe
Visitors25 000

Döderhultarn Museum (Swedish: Döderhultarmuseet) is a museum located in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

General information[edit]

Axel Petersson "Döderhultarn" (1868–1925), was a famous Swedish woodcarver. In the Döderhultarn Museum there is a collection of his work, with more than 200 wooden sculptures. The museum is located to the same building as the library in the central parts of Swedish town Oskarshamn.[1]



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Coordinates: 57°15′46.2″N 16°26′46.6″E / 57.262833°N 16.446278°E / 57.262833; 16.446278