D-Day: America Invades

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D-Day: America Invades
D-Day America Invades (Cover).jpg
Developer(s)Atomic Games
Publisher(s)Avalon Hill

D-Day: America Invades is a video game developed by Atomic Games and published by Avalon Hill for the PC.


D-Day: America Invades simulates the battle of D-Day and the difficult fighting that followed.[1]


Review scores
CGW2/5 stars[3]
Next Generation4/5 stars[1]
PC Gamer (US)95%[2]
Computer Game Review70/90/77[4]

Next Generation reviewed the PC version of the game, rating it four stars out of five, and stated that "Atomic Games manages to take much of the tedium out of this tile-based wargame, enabling you to concentrate on strategy as you try to duplicate history, or if you're playing as the Nazis, change it."[1] William R. Trotter wrote for PC Gamer US, "Hats off, ladies and gents: a classic is born. Wargames just don’t get any better than this."[2]


As a consequence of Atomic Games' split with Avalon Hill in September 1995,[5] D-Day: America Invades was the two companies' last game together. According to Alan Emrich of Computer Gaming World, Atomic's Keith Zabalaoui called this "purely a business decision" and clarified that there was no ill will between the companies.[6]


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