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Da Boom Crew
Created byBruce Smith
John P. White
Stiles White
Developed byJambalaya Studios
Directed byT.J. House
Bruce Smith
StarringJordan Francis
Jascha Washington
Melanie Tonello
Mitchell Eisner
Walter Borden
Country of originUnited States
United Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes13 (9 left unaired in the US)
Executive producer(s)Thomas Wilhite
John P. White
Bruce Smith
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Hyperion Animation
BFC Entertainment
DistributorYour Family Entertainment
Original networkKids' WB (USA)
Cartoon Network (UK)
Original releaseSeptember 11, 2004 –
May 11, 2005

Da Boom Crew is a Canadian/American children's television animated series, produced by Berliner Film Company in association with Jambalaya Studios in Los Angeles, California.

The series premiered on Kids' WB in September 2004. Unusual for an animated series, it was cancelled after only four episodes aired due to low ratings and viewer reception.

In the United Kingdom, all 13 episodes were broadcast on Cartoon Network UK in 2005.[1][2]

A press release by Animation Magazine claimed a second season had been in production, though nothing else was ever said about it actually going into production or being animated.[3]


After four foster children make a video game about heroes going up against space alien terrorists suddenly a portal appears and pulls them into a dimension which is really similar to their game. This show also details their adventures in this parallel world as they embark on a quest to find their missing video game cartridges and stop the sadistic extraterrestrial emperor Zorch from taking control of this intergalactic dimension.[4]


Season 1: 2004[edit]

Release Order Title Original US airdate Episode Number
1"Droppin' Da Bomb/It's Not Just a Game"September 11, 2004 (2004-09-11), May 11, 2005 (2005-05-11)101
Justin, his younger brother, & his 2 friends are transported inside a video game world where they discover a parallel universe.
2"Statue of Limitations"September 18, 2004 (2004-09-18)102
Da Boom Crew arrives at a village and meet an alien. He says that the once fertile land is turning to dust. Da Boom Crew take a fruit basket to the Protector to save the planet.
3"Junk Planet"September 25, 2004 (2004-09-25)103
The Da Boom Crew travel to a planet filled with junk.
4"Frogday Afternoon"October 2, 2004 (2004-10-02)104
The Da Boom Crew are suspended for intruding on a frog festival.
The Da Boom Crew are mistaken for the notorious "Grargon Gang."
6"Boom vs. Doom"Unaired106
A mad inventor traps the Boom Crew inside his massive ship in order to use the Boom Carts to power his ultimate doom weapons.
7"Planet of Lost Lives"Unaired107
The Boom Crew encounter a friend from Earth on a creepy new planet.
8"Baby Boom"Unaired108
The Boom Crew become workers in Hedlok's outer space mine when they try to reunite an alien baby with its parents.
9"Ice Ice Planet"Unaired109
The Da Boom Crew land on an Ice planet but end up damaging a shield protecting villagers from the sheer cold and attempt to fix it.
10"The Crimson Raider"Unaired110
Commander Blurp joins the Boom Crew on a mission to explore an ocean planet where a Boom Cart is suspected of creating havoc with the sea life. But things are complicated when the gang encounters a villainous space pilot known as the "Crimson Raider."
11"The Legendary Meemawzaza"Unaired111
The Boom Crew encounters a legendary warrior and must complete a series of chores in order to procure a Boom Cart. But the kids' skills are put to the test when Hedlok and Etra arrive along with a villainous new weapon.
12"The Hour of the Clipse: Part 1"Unaired112
As Planet Yodiggity prepares to celebrate Freedom Day, the Boom Crew embarks on a mission to retrieve supposedly the last Boom Cart where they encounter a group of young alien orphans and their mysterious leader, DEXX ARBOLEAN. In their absence Zorch manages to steal all the Boom carts they were saving.
13"The Hour of the Clipse: Part 2"Unaired113
As Yodiggity celebrates Freedom Day, the Boom Crew embarks on their most dangerous mission yet. They infiltrate Zorch's ship and retrieve the stolen Boom Carts. The Boom Crew realize that the alien orphans' parents are still alive and are being kept captive by Zorch. As Zorch finally takes control of Yodiggity the Boom Crew meet up with DEXX and the other orphans requesting their help. The episode ends with DEXX stating he knows where they can find one final Boom Cart.


  • Justin - The leader and general of the crew who wears shoulder pads, & elbow pads. His weapons are two laser pistols and an arm slingshot.
  • Nate - The gang's ship pilot, Justin's younger brother, and his right hand man. The shortest and youngest in the group, he has short brown hair and wears a light blue top and blue jeans. He refers to himself as 'big daddy Nate' and has a fear of heights. His arsenal is a laser sword given to him as a reward by the yo-diggians for helping save commander Blurp.
  • Jubei - A hoverboard rider. He's Justin's friend who wears a visor cap armed with a laser shotgun, and is a really accurate sharp shooter. However, when he misses a shot, he calls it the "kiki popo". He is apparently of Chinese descent.
  • Ricki - A whiz kid gadget creator making her the gang's genius. She's a blonde girl who wears a red track jacket with matching jogging pants, grey hiking boots, a blue wristband on her left wrist, and has ginger hair up positioned in 2 pigtails. She is an expert with anything mechanical, uses a vast scientific knowledge when describing things, attacks using a metal staff, has a fear of water, and even romantic feelings for her superior Justin.
  • Dent - An automated robot which has been given to Ricki as a gift after she helped save commander Blurp. He resembles a flat screen computer with a hollow, metal, cylindrical body, has two robotic arms and moves around on a small set of wheels. He does not talk, but shows above average human intelligence and uses a series of beeps to communicate. A digital face portraying his mood is shown on the screen.
  • "Great Commander" Blurp - Former War Commander of Yo-diggity in the war against Zorch. He says he is a brave commander, but his actions say otherwise.
  • Zorch - He wishes to conquer the galaxy by gathering the Boom Cards. This character was voiced by Morris Day.
  • Headlock - Cohort of Zorch. He wears a dome on his head because it is abnormally small. His assistant's name is Gerone.
  • Hetra - Headlock's evil older sister. She and Commander Blurp were trained by the same mentor.


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